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Dec. 15th, 2012


Sooo the past few weeks have been crazy. I was out of town visiting my boyfriend's family and we ate out EVERY SINGLE DAY - breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was crazy. My skin suffered from it so much. I have been having break outs around my mouth all because of my diet. I also had exams and I was stressing out so of course that greasy burger and fries and ice cream all sounded good at the time.... but I have been trying to get back to my diet and the breakouts have slowed down. I think the jojoba oil and witch hazel definitely helped keep it under control.

Hopefully I won't breakout anymore though! It's so frustrating to go from having no zits - finally - to going back to this. I think this just proves that DIET DOES MATTER.

Bring on the green tea, omegas, and fiber rich foods!

Nov. 13th, 2012

Skin Update/ Food Journal

I have been eating out a lot this week with my friends so I'm nervous about what my skin is going to do! So far my skin still looks clear... but I'll have to watch out. I couldn't stay away from all the yummy greasy foods >:) The jojoba oil is just amazing. I really can't stress how awesome it is. My skin has improved so much over the last few weeks of using it. You can even put it in your bath and it makes your skin and hair really soft :)

What I've eaten 11/13/12:

homemade chicken soup with carrots, green beans, and onions
apple with natural peanut butter and honey
another bowl of chicken soup
cup of almond milk
a few pieces of dark chocolate (85% and 72%)
steak from Outback (cooked medium) with french fries and green beans
chocolate thunder from down under from Outback (it was soooooooo good)

I'm going to NOT eat out for like the next two weeks! It's cheaper and I really don't trust what people put in food these days... I will not eat out... I will not eat out...

Nov. 10th, 2012

Food Journal

What I've eaten 11/10:
cinnamon oatmeal w/ apples & walnuts
1 cup of green tea
2 chicken, black bean, and cheese burritos on whole grain tortillas
2 homemade dark chocolate rice krispie treats (so yummy)

Nov. 9th, 2012

Update/ Food Journal 11/9

Hi! Sorry it's been a few days since I last blogged. Crazy stuff has been going on.

So my canker sore has finally gone away. It went away about 2 days after I repeatedly salted it and used Listerine after every meal. I also held a moist green tea bag to it for about 10 minutes and I think that helped as well. 

My face is doing absolutely wonderful (knock on wood). I've found that the jojoba oil works wonders! The Accutane and tea tree oil left the area around my mouth kind of red and the jojoba oil is making it go back to its normal skin color. I haven't had a new zit in probably 3 weeks or so. The witch hazel is also a GREAT toner and cleanser. It makes my skin feel so clean and fresh. I apply it every time I wash my face or get out of the shower.

I believe my diet and exercising has also really helped my skin. My skin is glowing, my body feels better, and I have more energy. One of the key components of this is eating foods high in fiber.

I don't remember everything I've had the past week. But I've had a lot of pistachios, walnuts, apples, almond milk, whole grains, natural peanut butter (the natural part is really important!), and vegetables. It's very important to try to cut out as many processed foods as you can. That doesn't mean stop eating all your favorite foods if they happen to come in a package.. but try to find the organic alternatives. The brand 365 makes a lot of packaged foods but they are made with natural ingredients. Also, if you want to eat that greasy bacon cheeseburger then go for it... just make sure you are eating healthy the rest of the day and getting plenty of nutrients.

Today I have had:
a peanut butter and honey wrap
whole wheat pasta with homemade marinara sauce & pre-made packaged meatballs
an apple
1.5 cups green beans
12 almonds
almond milk
1 ounce dark chocolate (72%)
1 ounce of walnuts
chocolate chip muffin
piece of pizza with some added chicken on top

Nov. 4th, 2012

Stupid Canker Sore

I have an annoying canker sore and it hurts all the time! I've never had one before and I'm not sure why I got one. I've been putting salt on it and it BURNS. I guess I'll just keep applying salt and I'll try some hydrogen peroxide. I really hope it goes away soon because it is just driving me crazy. How can I enjoy my new diet when everything I eat hurts? :'( Oh well... hopefully it will be gone in a couple days.

Nov. 3rd, 2012

Food & Fitness Journal

Today has been *kind of* a cheat day for me!

- oatmeal with cinnamon & honey
- an apple
- 1 cup pistachios
- tiramisu trifle
- cup of green tea
- peanut butter and honey sandwich on whole grain bread
- small piece of dark chocolate
- 2 fried eggs made with olive oil
- 4 glasses of water
- Arby's Turkey Roast and Jr Roast Beef sandwiches
- Arby's small fry

I haven't exercised today... I feel guilty for not! Especially after eating the tiramisu and Arby's.  I walked about 1.5 miles - but not really for exercise!
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My First Entry :D

So, recently I've decided to try a new diet to see if it will improve my skin and body. I'm thinking since I normally get break outs around my mouth that the cause of the breakouts is a hormonal imbalance. I've started eating foods which have been known for helping with this sort of problem. Here's a link of foods: http://www.livestrong.com/article/332275-foods-to-balance-female-hormones/ I've also started a new face regime - I'll list it below. I'll also describe my experience with tea tree oil.

Using Tea Tree Oil:
  Using tea tree oil really helped my skin out. It worked great at drying up zits and preventing zits in some cases. It also dried up my skin a lot, so if you have oily skin this might be good for you. I would apply it directly to my skin (undiluted) with my finger after getting out of the shower or washing my face, anytime I felt a zit coming, and before I applied makeup - pretty much any time I felt like it. It worked well at preventing zits from becoming whiteheads.
  Problems - It caused the area around my mouth to become really red, irritated, and dry. If that happens you should dilute the tea tree oil with water. I used Cetaphil lotion to help with the dryness. Another thing - It didn't help with acne scars :( My face also became immune to the tea tree oil and it stopped working as effectively... I used it for about 10 months. Overall, I would reccommend it if you have a lot of whiteheads.

My Face Regime:
  First thing I do when I wake up is wash my face with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (use your hands, not a washcloth). After that I generously apply Witch Hazel all over my face with cotton balls. I got the Witch Hazel from Walmart - it has a yellow label (only $1.44!) I let that dry and then apply Jojoba oil to my face with a cotton ball. (I only use about 2 drops... a little goes a long way!) I got the Jojoba oil from Whole Foods for $12 I think. For those of you who are thinking "Oil! my face doesn't need any more oil!" I know how you feel - trust me! But Jojoba oil is noncomedogenic. It tricks the skin into thinking its produced enough oil, and it also has antioxidant properties which help fight acne and help fade acne scars. If I get a zit I will apply ice to the area for about 15 minutes and then apply Witch Hazel, then Jojoba oil. I've been on this regime for about 3 weeks and my skin looks great! But I've also started my new diet so that may have contributed as well.

Other Stuff:
  • I work out 3-4 times a week. I do weights, lunges, squats, ab exercises, hiking, walking...  so I do sweat a lot! I always make sure I wash my face as soon as possible.
  • I've started washing my pillow case once a week.
  • Any time I brush my teeth I apply Witch Hazel around my mouth afterwards.
  • I try to drink a lot of water throughout the day.
  • I drink at least a cup of green tea a day.

Here's a list of the foods I ate 11/2/2012:
- chicken salad with apples, cranberries, and walnuts on multigrain bread
- apple
- fruit smoothie made with almond milk (about a cup of blueberries and raspberries and a cup of strawberries)
- peanut butter and honey wrap on a whole grain tortilla wrap (Smucker's Natural Creamy Peanut Butter)
- about 3/4 cup of dark red kidney beans
- probably about 2 cups of pistachios and walnuts
- 1.5 ounces of Twilight Delight Ghirardelli chocolate
- another chicken salad sandwich on multigrain bread
- 1 cup of almond milk (Silk Unsweetend Original)